Safety is a strategic business strategy at LoneStar. We understand that safety is vital to our employees, our clients and our bottom line.

Our stated priorities are:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Production

To achieve this, we employ a “Culture of Safety” at LoneStar. A culture of safety is clearly defined and measurable through key performance indicators (KPIs). It is defined as “Constant and ubiquitous emphasis on safety and health at every level of an organization and in every employee’s personal and professional life.”

We employ a “Safety Lifecycle” developed by our team that utilizes tools like JSACloud and internal processes to improve our safety continually. Our safety program encourages reporting of Near Miss and Stop the Job events. They are critical in learning how to prevent potential incidents. To further emphasize the importance of safety and reporting on unsafe conditions we incorporated safety standards as part of the criteria for job specific bonuses.

We perform regular Safety Observations and After-Action Reviews. Our JSA’s are predefined by our safety personnel and are available on our JSACloud application for use in the field by employees and sub-contractors.

Our founders understand the need for safe work environments and have taken the lessons learned by LoneStar and helped found SafetyTech. 

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