About Us

Mission Statement:

"To safely deliver our nations Petroleum and Natural Gas resources to market in a most environmentally conscientious manner"

We started out as a small family business, building our brand one client at a time. Since then, we’ve grown into something much larger, but our core values remain the same. As a company, we value Family, Safety, Quality and Community. Our philosophy is very simple, "A strong company is built on integrity" and we apply that philosophy to our employees, vendors, clients and communities.

In growing our family of employees and clients, we’ve expanded our business model as well. With the establishment of sister companies like LS1 Industries, and SafetyTech, LoneStar has made it a top priority to be at the forefront of Pipeline Construction, Facility Construction, Safety, and the first in the industry to offer Financing Options. You could say, we like to see a project through from start to finish to ensure our clients are receiving the utmost quality in the services we are providing every step of the way.

Our people are what drives us, and we are proud to have assembled such a diversified management team with an eclectic mix of industry experiences. Part of what makes us a great partner is our ability to bring new ideas to the Pipeline Construction industry. From unique software applications that help run our projects more efficiently to customized safety software that help keep our jobs accident free, LoneStar is truly unique.

We also try to be efficient in all aspects of our business. From back office to field operations, we are very aware of our cost structure. We use "smart" data to reduce costs and pass those savings onto our clients, so we can offer the same services and quality at a lower cost.

LoneStar values family, that’s why we make it a number one priority for our employees to return home to theirs safely every day. We are always looking for ways to improve our safety culture, which is why we work so closely with our sister company, SafetyTech. This partnership  helps to ensure LoneStar is always trained in utilizing the most advanced safety and technology solutions. With a consistent TRIR score at or under 0 over the past 5 years, and over 1.5 million hours without an OSHA recordable in the last 2.5 years, our clients rest easy knowing that LoneStar brings a higher level of security and reduced risk to every site.

Additionally, LoneStar is an environmentally conscious company that makes every attempt to prevent harm to the environment. We employ environmental experts to help assist is decision making and uphold environmental standards.

We live up to our values at LoneStar and look forward to serving our clients, our family,  to the best of our ability.

LoneStar Pipeline Contractors


Mett Carroll

Mett began his pipeline career 39 years ago with a major gas transmission company and has since worked in senior management with several pipeline contractors including Associated Pipe Line Contractors, Welded Construction, Willbros, InfraSource, Troy Construction and Pipe Line Constructors. He has built pipeline and facilities projects for companies including TransCanada, Enbridge, Sunoco, Crestwood, Energy Transfer, Arrow Midstream, Great Lakes Gas Transmission, Chevron, Williams, Northern Border, ATMOS, TransColorado, Alliance Pipeline, Kern River, Enterprise, National Fuel Gas, Boardwalk, Kinder Morgan, Praxair, Targa, Koch, and CenterPoint Energy.

Mett’s construction experience on the pipeline operator side of the business has enabled him to better understand and respond to the needs of our clients.  His chief goal is to make sure we deliver what we’ve promised including safe work practices, environmental compliance, efficient production, good communication, proper planning, and adequate resources. 

Mike "Catfish" Phillips

President - Field Operations

Mike has 35 years of Pipeline field experience. Prior to starting LoneStar Mike was Project Superintendent for Price Gregory International where he was responsible for running large mainline projects. Prior to PGI, Mike held the position of General Superintendent for North Houston Pole Line, a subsidiary of Quanta Services. Mike ran multiple pipeline spreads and oversaw all construction activities from start-up through completion. Mike grew this division from less then $2MM in annual revenue to over $100MM in annual revenue. Quanta Services used this revenue stream, the knowledge and experience learned from developing this division to ultimately acquire Price Gregory International. Mike started out as an operator and has worked his way up through the ranks in virtually every aspect of pipeline construction both domestic and international.

Scott Walter

Chief Financial Officer

Scott joined LoneStar in 2014 as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to LoneStar, Scott served as Directorof Business Consulting for Benjamin Moore Paints, a fully owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. Scott has over 20 years of experience as a Corporate Financial Strategist, as well as four years of Public Accounting experience. During his years of corporate financial experience, he has been the financial architect responsible for turning around more than 40 businesses, developing significant growth strategies and consulting with numerous businesses throughout the US. He has led mergers and acquisitions ranging from $10 MM to $125 MM. Scott is a graduate of Syracuse University, holds a BS in Accounting, an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Public Accountant.

Terrell Roddy

Director of Compliance

Terrell joined Lonestar in 2018 as the Director of Compliance. Terrell has managed Pipeline installation, gas facility installation, oil and gas operations in multiple states for companies like Rosewood Resources Inc., Price Gregory International, Fluor Constructors. Terrell has received multiple awards for safety program development and implementation, for projects including the Ballistic Missile Installation in Alaska, where the project reached 7,500,000.00 hours without a lost time injury, managing 3,000 employees and 87 sub-contractors. Terrell Has over 20 years in the industry, Terrell’s first pipeline job was working as a welder helper in 1979 where he worked the summers for three years becoming familiar with pipeline activities, thus moving into management for construction activities. Terrell retired from production after 15 years as a superintendent and returned as a Safety Manager in 1999 where he started his own company, TRA Safety Consulting, he managed Fort Polk Military Base and Alvin Calendars Airforce Base in Louisiana, all construction activities, the installation of three 1260 megaton energy facilities, then traveling to Alaska for the ballistic missile installation for the Core of Engineers. Terrell returned to the states managing drilling operations, oil and gas field operations over four different states for six years. Terrell returned to the pipeline industry where he has managed gas pumping station installation, pipeline installation for the past eight years. Terrell holds multiple certifications for teaching, OSHA 500 and 501, MUTCD, COHC, IADC, Safeland, Smith System Driving, Medic Train the Trainer, Accident/Incident investigation. Terrell holds multiple certifications in environmental, USASMDC Environmental Compliance, RCRA, FSS Hazardous Handling.